Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dictionary Quiz

English definition can be helpful for reviewing some new words.

  1. Choose a word.
  2. Find definition by clicking here and type the word.
  3. Put the definition here on Amazone Polly( and choose options of voice.
  4. Download the mp3 file and add it to the presentation file.

<Sequence of questions>
-What did you hear?
-Let’s see the sentence.
-Let’s read it.
-Are there any difficult words?
-Who knows the answers? Just raise your hands.
-How many letters are there? Use your fingers to show me how many letters.
-What’s the answer?-Let’s read aloud the definition again.

Using a relative pronoun 'who' for describing ideal types

I've wanted to know how to combine grammar teaching with communicative approach. I think that grammar should be embedded in meaningful, authentic and communicative contexts. I tried to come up with the effective to contextualize the targeted form 'who' in natural, authentic classroom activity. I devised grammar class about use of a relative pronoun 'who' for describing students' ideal men or women.

- I had a certain class for grammar instruction teaching 'who'.
- This class is devised right after the class to help students internalize this targeted form better through some activities.

First activity
-using the lyric of Korean song 'I need a girl' by Tae Yang
(lyrics or Music video might not be appropriate for teaching materials. We can use  older song '희망사항' instead.)
Lyrics of those two Korean songs are all about describing their ideal women.)

ex) I need a girl 뭘 해도 이쁜
   : I need a girl who looks pretty no matter what she does.
    치마보다 청바지가 잘 어울리는 그런 여자
   : I need a girl who looks better in jeans than a skirt.

Second activity (talking about ideal men or women)

-3-steps speaking

:First step : with your partner (tell him/her your own sentences starting with I like someone who.....)
:Second step : with one of group members (tell him/her your own sentences starting with I like someone who..... and what you heard from your partner starting with he/she<your partner likes someone who.....)
:Third step : with the other of group members (tell him/her about his/her sentences you heard from other member starting with you like someone who.....)

Your ideal man or woman
Describe your ideal man or woman using “who”
I like someone who 
I like someone who

Ideal man/ woman
Your partner
Someone who
Someone who
group member 1
Someone who
Someone who
group member 2
Someone who
Someone who
I like someone who
She/He likes someone who
You like someone who 

Word clues

This activity is a pair work and for reviewing the words.
The students have different sets of clues with their partners.

1. Each student find and write down the proper clues for their words.
   They can add their own clues to the words.

2. Next, explain their words to the partner with their clues.
   For example, students can say "It means feeling to eat some food" for the word 'hungry'.

3. While the partner is explaining, the other has to write down the key hints and guess the word.

4. After both finish explaining their words, check out the results.

▶ Sample worksheet